Brian Davidson

(612) 481-4880
[email protected]



  • Go, JavaScript, Ruby

Front End:

  • JavaScript, HTML, CSS
  • React, React Native, Redux, Babel, jQuery
  • Sass, Less, Bootstrap

Tools & Platforms:

  • Docker, Bolt, Git, Postgres, Nginx
  • Webpack, Babel, Browserify
  • Provisioning with Salt, Ansible
  • Testing with Mocha, Karma, WebDriver


Open Source Projects

  • Trimetric — Realtime stop and vehicle information for Trimet transit built in React and Go.
  • Trimetric Mobile — Android and iOS React Native companion apps for the Trimetric website.
  • Rong — The game of Pong, in React.
  • Homebase — A Go tool for updating Digital Ocean DNS records.
  • LogMonitor — A Ruby/Backbone.js tool for monitoring log files in your browser.
  • Pressure — A Ruby gem for broadcasting upstream data over websockets.
  • SimpleScore — A NodeJS server for adding leaderboard functionality to games.
  • Deathbot — A JS/Canvas project I used to learn more about collision detection and raycasting.

Work History

Williams Sound, LLC (2004 - Present) —

  • Built a cross-platform, on-premise server application in Go and dashboard in React/Redux, used to monitor and manage hundreds of network connected devices in real-time. Includes proxying connections to devices over TCP and websocket connections, scheduling tasks, email reports and alerts, licensing, and integration with Prometheus.
  • Built a prototype host application to control multiple USB devices using Go and Arduino.
  • Built an iOS test application for the Hearing Hotspot audio over WiFi system.
  • Developed a dashboard to visualize live usage statistics for Hearing Hotspot devices, with a frontend written in TypeScript and Angular 2, and a backend written in Go. Used Sass for styling.
  • Built a responsive website with complete product, sales territory, and download management. Used Less for styling.
  • Built custom tools in Go for importing/exporting products in Excel, CSV, and JSON formats.
  • Built and released a PhoneGap app for iOS and Google Play to connect to a new network controlled assistive listening transmitter.
  • Developed a Ruby backend server and WebSocket driven front end to connect and control multiple networked transmitters.
  • Developed responsive AJAX driven web UI for an embedded microcontroller used in an assistive listening transmitter.
  • Drupal backend providing content for native iOS and Android apps, with locally deployed caching servers.
  • Provisioned both Linux and Windows virtual servers and rack mounted bare metal servers. Responsible for infrastructure capacity planning and network design to support hosted application servers.

Vegas Wedding Now (2006 - 2014) —

  • Designed and built a website which allows you to create, customize and order weddings online, using Contao for content management.
  • Developed JS bridge between external shopping cart and website.
  • Designed and built a custom application and database to handle the booking and tracking of weddings across multiple venues.

First Christian Church of Demopolis (2014) —

  • Designed and created the website for a local church. Custom WordPress templates for sections with editable content.

Demopolis Live (2005 - 2010)

  • Built and maintained a local community web portal. Developed custom add-ons and features in PHP for vBulletin and Joomla.

Advanced Systems and Networks, Ltd (1996 - 2004)

  • Developed inventory application for a multinational flooring company.
  • Developed company website.
  • Developed FileMaker application and database to handle customer accounts, inventory management, and service time tracking.
  • Built multi-site WANs that spanned multiple cities.
  • Data recovery and drive reconstruction.
  • Server support (Windows, Unix, Novell)

Las Vegas Gaming Association (1998 - 2003)

  • Designed community web portal, and developed web integrations with gaming servers.
  • Maintained a cluster of co-located FreeBSD servers in a Cox Communications data center.